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Gallery for PhotoPrism

The official PhotoPrism open-source photo library web application, despite being mobile‑friendly and well optimized, can't be integrated into the phone OS and, no matter what, feels like a site in a browser rather than a mobile app. My wife and I started using PhotoPrism as a replacement for Google Photos, yet we badly lacked the convenient mobile gallery experience for it. Hence, I decided to make a simple native Android app to cover this need.

As I published the first version, it turned out to be liked by many other PhotoPrism users, which inspired me to further improve the gallery.

Gallery for PhotoPrism

PhotoPrism Gallery does not support all the official web app functionality, but nevertheless has plenty of useful features:

The gallery is not intended to sync content with the library. I recommend using Autosync.

Compatibility is confirmed for PhotoPrism versions from November 28, 2023 down to October 9, 2021.

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