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₿ Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the ultimate digital money. Unlike government-issued currencies, other cryptocurrencies or commodities such as gold, diamonds or oil, Bitcoin is finitely scarce, uncounterfeitable, permissionless, transferable over any communication channel and does not rely on trust to anyone. Learn and use Bitcoin. Be self-sovereign, starting with your finances.

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⚡ Bitcoin Lightning

Lightning is a protocol allowing instant Bitcoin transfers without the need for blockchain transactions. With Lightning you can send as little as 1 sat (one hundred millionth of a bitcoin) in mere seconds. If you've never used Lightning, I recommend trying out simple custodial wallets such as Alby or Wallet of Satoshi.

XMR Monero

Monero is an anonymous cryptocurrency in which all transactions are private and can only be fully decoded by the counterparties. This is the choice for those who don't want anyone to track their spending.

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USDT is a US dollar stablecoin issued by Tether Limited. Basically it is a digital dollar relying on Tether Limited's promise to have one real USD for every USDT. This is not a reliable means of savings, but it is now a cheap and common currency for regular spending.

I accept USDT on Ethereum and Tron chains:

USDT ERC-20 (Ethereum)

USDT TRC20 (Tron)


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💳 Bank card

You can make an anomymous transfer to my account using your debit or credit card. The payment is processed by monobank, a PCI-DSS compliant Ukrainian bank.

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